shooting process

Step One: Contact

The first step to setting up a shooting is obviously getting in touch with me. The best ways to do so is to either drop me a line on my Facebook-page , send an email or use the contact form you can find in the menu under “I wanna become a model”!
Important to me is: the more Info in advance, the better!


Step two: Meeting

If our schedules allow it, I would like to meet you face-to-face before the shooting so we can both get a better picture of the expectations towards the shooting for optimal preparations and results. I truly believe that sympathy is the key to a successful shoot and great pictures. These expectations are way easier to define in a relaxed environment over a drink.

It is important to me that we speak openly and are honest with each other. I want to know what your wishes are and what, in your eyes, is an absolute no-go. With all this information we will be able to create exactly the pictures you imagined. It’s wrong to hold back because it would just result in a bad shooting with bad pictures!

Step three: The shooting


There are several things to consider the day before the shooting or at the shooting itself.  Here’s a short list:

  • Please wash/dye your hair one day in advance! It could easily happen that you look like the wicked witch of the north in the pictures otherwise
  • Prepare enough clothing! To be on the safe side, also pack things you don’t expect to need – a shooting can be very dynamic and we can never know what happens.
  • Bring your own music (on CD or Iphone/Ipod whatever works best for you) – with good music it will be more fun and it’ll run smoother.
  • Bring your own make-up (if you have some)
  • Wear casual/wide cloths on the way to the shooting – to avoid marks on your skin!
  • Very important: feel good and relax!


  • Don’t panic!
  • Have fun!

There are a few other details to be mentioned:

  • Please make sure to be at the agreed location on time!
  • Make sure to take enough time for the shooting! There are shootings that last for hours and it would be a pity if the shooting climate and vibes would suffer because of being under time pressure.
  • A friend at the shooting can be a good support and also break the ice at the beginning! This can be very important – bring someone with you!

As you can see: there is no reason to be afraid and its defiantly worth the experience!


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