A day at the graveyard – Franky Take 3

Oh my God, it’s already end of may and I didn’t present a lot this year – altough I work a lot ­čÖé
Using the first possibility to take photos in the sunshine Franky, Manfred and me went to a very old graveyard in Vienna called St. Marx.

The area was used as graveyard from the 1780-ies to the 1870-ies and has some quite important monuments in it, like one for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.┬áNowadays it’s used as a park and gives us a lot of opportunities for good pictures.

I took these and mixed them with Franky and got an explosive result – we tried to mirror the past and have a look in the future at the same day. Like always I wish you a lot of fun browsing through the pictures!

Model: Franky v. M.
Topics: Graveyard, Architecture, mirroring the past, have a look in the future. 

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